Life and Death in Vientiane is the beginning of a bigger story. Our goal was always to create a short film that stood on its own, but also acted as a teaser for a larger project. This incredible group of young volunteers from all different backgrounds have a story that is deserving of a project larger in scale than a short film.

Our plan is to return to Vientiane and capture the story of these volunteers and the work they do, to discover and explore the situation, and the stakes of this unique group. To see that the volunteer organisation runs month-to-month, and that keeping it running is nearly as challenging as responding to the rescue calls.


Our focus is to tell a story of youth and responsibility. Why do these young people feel so responsible for the public? How do they cope with this responsibility and face the challenges of the work they do? We’ll examine these questions with a look at how these themes work in Laos and the world in general. We’ll dig deeper into the backstory of each participant to get an important look into their world.


We are developing several concepts with the Vientiane Rescue story. These include a potential virtual reality (V.R) documentary, and a feature documentary. If you’d like to discuss the Vientiane Rescue story and our concepts, please contact Rob Innes at Mashup Pictures.

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